Final Portfolio

Hi Everyone,

Here is the Sample Presentation to use as your template for your Final Portfolio.


This will be due via a hard copy. It can be in black & white. It can be one-sided or double-sided. BUT it must be neat and legible, and in all other regards ‘professional’. You have the choice of handing it in on Wed 5/10 in our classroom between 6:30-7PM, or Wed 5/10 between 5PM and 6:15PM in Library Room 0012 (where I am teaching another class) that same day. You may also hand it in during class on Wed 5/3. PLEASE keep a copy for yourself as I will not return the presentation to you. There will be no official class on 5/10 — BUT I will be in the classroom from 6:30-7PM to accept portfolios.

If you have any questions, we can address them on Wed the 3rd.



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Spring 2017 – Blogs, Twitters, and Facebook

Below are everyone’s links in order for you to interact with one another:

Corry’s Stories – Blog:

Beyond the Pussyhat Blog:  Twitter: Facebook:

Cultured Curvy Curls – Blog:

Your Favorite Shows Explained – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Tea Time with Taina Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Queendom – Blog:

Current Shift – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Websins – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Plans: The Making of “Leave a Light On” – Blog:  Twitter: Facebook:

WWE News Wire – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Deeper Than Paradise – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Defending the Arts, One Female Artist at a Time – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Drama Spot – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Makeup by Zakiya – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

A Lighter Beet Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

In Soff We Trust – Blog: Twitter:

ABSTRAKSOUNDS – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Rows & Flows – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Tinker Time Craft – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Fork and Run: Eatin’ Clean ‘Round the World – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

TheAnxiousImpressionist Blog: Twitter:

GreedyGIRL – Blog: Facebook:

Movies Help Us Escape Reality – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

ThoughtsWithEllyKay – Blog: Facebook:

Non-Stop Film Talk – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Courtney S. – Twitter: Facebook:

dbindustriesblog – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Just Goose – Blog: Facebook:

Gallery Gazing in Greenwich – Blog: Twitter: Facebook:



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Scheduling Pinterest and Instagram



or you can use Hootsuite but you will need to approve it on your phone when it is ready to post

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Asset Building: Videos

Animoto: starts at $8 a month

Adobe Spark: free

WeVideo: $4.99 a month

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Asset Building: Giphy

To create gifs:

To upload:
For Pinterest and Tumblr: use ‘Share’ button
For Twitter: go to Advanced Tab, then Download the gif to your computer, then upload the gif to Twitter
For Instagram: use ‘Share’ button, which will send you an email with a link to the video
For Facebook and Google +: use the url from the browser (at the top)

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Asset Building: Holidays, Themes and Birthdays


National Calendar Day:

Famous People Born on this Day:*

On This Day:*

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Asset Building: Image Tools

Canva: free

My new favorite: Adobe Spark: free

Photoshop: lots of tutorials on youtube

PicPlayPost (for phones only)

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