Social Media Marketing Overview

This post for your information only. It will not be included on the Midterm.

Social Media Marketing Overview PART 1 PowerPoint 2016

Facebook User Stats (February 2016): 1.591 Billion Monthly Active Users; 1.038 Billion Active Users Daily

Twitter User Stats (December 2015) 320 Million Monthly Active Users; 100 Million Active Users Daily

Youtube Stats (January 2016): 1 Billion Users; 4 Billion Video Views per Day; 6 Billion Hours of Video Viewed per Month; 1 Billion Mobile Views per Day

Instagram Stats (January 2016): 400 Million Active Users; 75 Million Users Daily; Average of 80 Million Photos Shared Daily

Pinterest Stats (December 2015): 100 Million Active Users; 2.5 Billion Page Views a Month

Vine Stats (December 2015): 200 Million Monthly Active Users; 1.5M Vines Played Daily

Google Plus (December 2015 ): 300 Million Monthly Active Users

Periscope (just launched in 2015 ): 10 Million Registered Users

Snapchat (December 2015): 100 Million Active Daily Users; 8,796 Photos Shared per Second

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